Complete party organization

Here are some of my own events. 


On April 2013 a made a Minecraft birthday party for my son. You can see more pictures of the complete party at  Picasaweb photo and/or at

I took most of the ideas, from Pinterest. You can see my board following this link


My kids were born with 2 years and 1 day of difference, so after the Minecraft birthday party, I have one day to prepare my daughter cooking party! You can see more pictures at


On May 2012, I prepared my son's first communion. 
I made the remembrances with MariaTePinta
I used the same design to prepare the invitation that I sent by email, and the cake´s decoration with sugar paper that I ordered at
The round cake was easy, I ordered a simple round cake with plain fondant, I outline a cross with icing and filled with sugar flowers. at that´s it!

First Holy Communion

This time I prepared the 1st Holy Communion of my daughter!. But much better prepared than for my son´s first Communion. 
I made an online course with the awesome Julia Guarch, so I even did by myself the remembrances. 

I´m so happy with the results, but I just realize that I have to improve my photography skills!!! In any case, here are some pictures.

I decided to use the white and yellow because are the colors of the Vatican´s flag. 

For the main design, I decided to use the "guarda pampa" from Argentina, where we are from. I hope you like it.

I made the cake with cupcakes! so fast and easy!

Party Kit Printables with design of your choice

Is your kid a fan of an specific cartoon character? I prepare complete party kits, ask me!

Custom themed invitations, bookmarks, remembrances, and others!!

I made this bookmarks with email and skype address of my kids, to keep them in touch with their spanish friends! They gave it to their friends as a remembrance and good bye present.

My nephew Tiago was a fan of Mario Bros, so I searched the web to get ideas and I found this kind of entry ticket that I loved, so I prepared it with the Microsoft Paint! It's not difficult, try it! You just need to find Mario Bross images at google, a bar-code  and then just write the text.

To my niece Heidi, was a last minute request of my sister Lu,  she use to do that... ;)  but I love to help her as she always do!. You just need to write something like "invitation birthday template" and you will have many webs to do it!.